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How and why to choose a car when renting it

How and why to choose a car when renting it
Choosing automobile is a difficult decision, you must analyze multiple factors and benefits. In Driveme Renta Car we have 8 categories and more than 32 car references that vary in their prices and amenities. To ensure full satisfaction, keep in mind your requirements and tastes when renting. Below we show you several aspects that will facilitate that decision. When you think of renting a car, there are several questions that can come to your mind... Car or truck? Mechanical or automatic? Shielded or traditional? The first thing to keep in mind to define the car you want to rent is to know your needs, then your tastes come and finally the extras. Needs:
  • Number of people to transport (to decide the size of the car)
  • Distances to travel daily (to consider the amenities)
  • Driving knowledge (to choose between mechanical or automatic)
  • Color and design of the automobile
  • Type of interior finish
Additional features:
  • Stereo
  • Air conditioner
  • Extra equipment
But finally, you must land on the possibilities offered by your pocket, which will determine the type of car you can and should rent: Automobile: It is a compact car but with ample spaces for luggage, in addition to being a car with low fuel consumption, the car is perfect for a quick weekend exit with 3 or maximum 4 people (so that they are comfortable). Truck: It is a large car that generates comfort and space for up to 7 people, these vans are perfect for a long trip because it allows total comfort for passengers and additional space for luggage on the roof of the car. Automatic: A vehicle with automatic transmission is more comfortable, just by pressing the accelerator or the brake the car makes the changes automatically, it is easier to learn to drive them, you just have to use 2 pedals. Mechanic: Vehicles with mechanical transmission like them a lot because they are a little cheaper than those of automatic transmission, they also consume less fuel and tend to be a little more powerful. Armored: This type of technology has been gaining much field in recent years for safety and confidence issues, you must bear in mind that renting an armored car is more expensive than a traditional one, but if you need to transport securities or you want to feel 100% safe this is an excellent option, in Driveme Renta Car we are recognized for providing this exclusive service in the city of Medellin and Cartagena, we have two special references such as Chevrolet Tahoe Rent or Toyota Tx Rent; know this service we provide with bilingual driver and escort according to your needs.