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Rental Car in Montería

Rental Car in Montería
Drive Me Rent a Car, Rental Car in Montería invites you to visit Montería, capital of the department of Córdoba and thanks to the impulse that has taken in recent years the visits are increasing; has achieved important records as the fact of becoming one of the sustainable cities in environmental matters. In 2014, it was selected as the sustainable city of the planet by the World Wide Fund for Nature, since it managed to reduce its energy expenditure considerably; all this effort has been worthwhile and has made the eyes turn on the city, a destination that must be visited. Monteria offers a huge number of tourist sites as well as shopping centers and the ideal to know them all is to go fast and safe; It goes without saying that the best way to do it is in a private vehicle. But what happens if you can not get to Montería with your personal vehicle; There will be no problem, because the offer of Car Rental in Montería and with Drive Me Rent a Car you will find an ally in mobility for your trips in the region. Find in Drive Me Rent a Car, Agency Rental Car in Montería, a variety of rental vehicles ranging from the rental of Economic Cars, Sedan, Vans, Armored and Van, accompanied by driver service and insurance included; All our cars are the latest model, which will give you the security and confidence of a safe journey. Montería, is located more than 700 kilometers from the capital of the country, so if you did not hire the service of car rental in Bogota you can do it without problem when you get to Monteria; Being the livestock city by default you can see incredible landscapes that you want to enjoy to the fullest. What places can you visit in Montería?
  • To start your almost 20 shopping centers, if you are a fan of shopping and tours, these places are for you; all with comfortable parking.
  • Sinú River and its tourist pier
  • The Simon Bolivar Park where you can see a variety of animals and take advantage of visiting the Cathedral.
  • Public market of crafts and other shopping centers such as Sinú and Buenavista
  • El Pasaje del Sol (The passage of the sun) and the pink zone.
  • The Cascadas de Murindó, definitely a place you'll want to visit many times.
  • Parque de los Sueños (Dreams Park) as its name says it will be unforgettable.
In montería is the longest linear park in Latin America because it is bordering the entire Sinu River and its landscapes are unparalleled. In addition, in the month of June the national livestock fair is held and year after year its growth rates are higher. Enjoy the Pearl of Sinú This city also known as the Pearl of the Sinu is waiting for each season by countless tourists who are willing to visit it. That is why the Economic Car Rental service in Montería has grown to the same extent, since it is necessary to cover all the demand so that nobody is left without being able to enjoy this Caribbean experience. If you are one of the people who prefer to go out at night there is also a range of offers; a series of clubs that have valet parking, parking and the best service; It will never hurt to request a taxi but if you have a rental vehicle you will be the owner of your time, without waiting, do not forget it. Cheer up to know Montería and if you already know visit it again, especially if your intention is to live a unique experience renting that car you always wanted to drive; the perfect city, the perfect car with the perfect company, what more could you want ?.