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We are going to walk around Montería

We are going to walk around Montería
Montería, is a city located on the Colombian Caribbean coast, capital of the department of Córdoba; known as the Livestock Capital of Colombia, with a high tourism growth. Rent a car in Montería is very easy, it is the best option for you to forget that you are paying for transportation that may prevent you from knowing all the wonders that this city offers you. Among the many tourist offers Montería has, the following are some of the ones you have to know when you go:
  1. The Ronda del Sinú: It is an ecological avenue where the protagonists are the breeze of the Sinú River and the red monkeys, iguanas and sloth bears that inhabit the path. It is a perfect plan to go out and enjoy a good climate accompanied by a walk enjoying a delicious ice cream and the company of these friendly animals.
  2. Los Planchones: It is an icon of Montería, there is nothing like climbing a slab and enjoy the calm waters of the Sinú River, the nature around it and the beautiful sunsets that Montería offers you.
  3. Ronda del Sinú Norte: For lovers of outdoor sports, this is the best plan that this city offers you. There are 800 meters of linear park where you can find a teatrino, ping - pong tables, a giant chess and exercise machines. Around the park there are places where you can taste delicious ice cream and natural juices.
  4. El Mirador: Located near the Ronda del Sinú, north of the city. From there you can observe the majesty of the Sinú River and a large part of the city. There is nothing more tranquilizing and pleasant than contemplating a sunset from the viewpoint.
  5. The Passage of the Sun: Something that characterizes the monterianos, is that they are very happy and partying people, so this passage is the perfect plan for people who like the party since there are bars and discos for all musical tastes.
These are some of the tourist attractions that the Livestock Capital of Colombia has, and we advise you to rent a car in Montería and travel this and many beautiful cities that our country has for all visitors. Contact us now! www.drivemerentacar.com